GNOME.Asia Summit 2009 is coming

GNOME.Asia summit 2009 is one of the top Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) events for developers, enterprises, officials and general users in Vietnam. The event brings together FOSS projects from Asia and around the world. More than 500 participants from 10 countries are expected to participate in the summit, which is the first international community event of its kind in Vietnam. It takes place from Nov. 20-22, 2009, in Ho Chi Minh City.

As a LXDE Developer, I just got invitation from GNOME.Asia committee last month. They expects that LXDE Team can give a talk to introduce and explain LXDE Development. Actually, we are so glad to have a session to talk about LXDE, especially  it can talk at GNOME event. It means we will have an opportunity to discuss with GNOME developer, users and contributor face to face rather than do anything behind closed doors.

Eventually Andrew Lee, Penk and me will attend GNOME.Asia 2009 in spite of there are a lot of factors make us hard to decide whether to go or not in the beginning. Andrew Lee will talk about libfm(a new library implementation for File Manager as well as it is a core of PCManFM2 which is next generation of File Manager of LXDE) and preside at LXDE BOF in first day. Penk will present his own project xPUD which is a small and special distribution to be suitable with netbook of this kind. About me, my topic is "LXDE Development Strategy" to explain how LXDE to work and how to improve  desktop environment performance. If time is enough, I will introduce a little bit LXDE new components, talk about current status and roadmap.

By the way, I think this travel will be so exciting for us, and also this is my first time to Vietnam. Good Luck to us!


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