Our Happy Travel for GNOME Summit in Vietnam

This is first time that we(ULLab guys) make speeches at international event oversea, so we're so exciting on this travel.

Core Founders of ULLAB

Before this travel, in fact that I didn't know anything about Vietnam. I was just under the impression that Vietnam is a highly unstable country in Asia as well as this place is uncomfortable for us. Everyone all over the world always talks about the war and the girls in a bad way when mention Vietnam, so we never get a good impression about this place. However I must acknowledge that I was wrong now, Vietnam is a good place for enjoying our life absolutely, and also there are many people try to be surviving and becoming better in the world. Actually, many students in there have lifelong ambition, it shames me who is a Taiwanese.

When we arrived Vietnam, the first thing which is traffic made us crazy. The traffic in Vietnam was scaring me, I never see so many motorbikes all over the road. My new friends who are local people in there told me that most people choice to ride , because they doesn't have enough money to buy a car. The crazy traffic looks so dangerous, you never know when cars and motorbikes in front will turn to other direction. Sometimes we could see there are some cars and people to force to cross over crowd of cars, but it is magical that no accident happened.

In fact there is similar to Taiwan except traffic, we often consider we're standing on the road in south of Taiwan.

For us, the biggest problem is communication. Due to most people do not speak English, it's difficult to do anything something's like taking a taxi, ordering foods and buying something. Fortunately, Volunteers of GNOME Summit help us so much, they are a good tour guide and translator to let us survive in Vietnam. If no those guys, we will get a big trouble I think.

When I was in Taiwan, I often heard that someone said people in Vietnam is not friendly. After this travel, I don't think so. The truth is there are so many good guys, everything is comfortable for us. We met many new friends in there and exchanged the Facebook and email accounts with each other as well.

Besides, I think foods in Vietnam is really good excepts uncooked vegetable. Though I like Salad, many uncooked kinds of vegetable in Vietnam I don't like. Because tastes of vegetables is very strong and strange, we cannot adopt that actually.

This travel we also met a lot foreign people, we had discussions, drinks and fun together. Sometimes we drunk and used English all night cause that when we were back to hotel, three Taiwanese people were still speaking in English for discussing rather than Chinese. So we get a conclusion that if you want to speak English without thinking, you must drink a lot beers to have a fun!

This is a cool travel I think. I heard some informations about the GNOME.Asia Summit will take place in Taiwan next year. If it is truth, we can meet up again in Taiwan next time. I am looking forward to see you guys very much! :-)


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