Android Eclair Porting for Devkit8000

It's not only for fun! Porting Android is a great practice for me as well. Devkit8000 is a clone of OMAP3 Beagle(Beagleboard), so we can found many porting informations of Beagleboard from internet. It's helpful for us, we only need to deal with a few places which are some differences between Devkit8000 and Beagleboard. Google Android Eclair is working well on the Devkit8000 board now after I tried to port it last weekend.

Here is the patch:

Based on Embinux, I added the Devkit8000 support, which includes:
  • OMAP DSS Driver for display
    • 4.3 inch LCD Panel support (480x272 60Hz)
    • 7 inch LCD Panel support (800x480 60Hz)
  • Touchscreen ADS7846 support
  • Sound Codec (TWL4030)
  • Keypad (TWL4030)
  • Ethernet Device support (DM9000)
  • Kernel Config for Android

Compile Kernel with Devkit8000 kernel config:
make omap3_devkit8000_android_defconfig
make CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabi- uImage

Kernel Command Arguments to use LCD Display Output:



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