Gnote - A Experimental Project to replace Tomboy

Tomboy is a famus project which is a desktop note-taking application for Linux and Unix. It's simple and easy to use, but with potential to help you organize the ideas and
information you deal with every day. But the terrible defect is Tomboy was written in .NET(mono), it means Tomyboy may use a lot system resources.

In my experience, Tomboy had already used large memory usage which is even more than Firefox and Xorg. Right, we both do not understand why the simple application needs be written in .NET with the sucks performance? It doesn't make sense! So we have every reason to create a new project to replace Tomboy.

Few days ago, a new experimental project - Gnote appeared on GNOME Live website(, and it was in C++. Though Gnote is not a formal project of GNOME, that's a good news for us to have a choice to replace the God damn Tomboy with his .NET stuffs.

Actually, Gnote is not a brand-new project, it is just experimental port of Tomboy to C++. So source code of Gnote is almost same with Tomboy, and also Gnote supports most of features of Tomboy. Due to it doesn't depend on .NET(Mono), it will certainly be lightweight. But with the same reason, Gnote doesn't support plugin which is in .NET

Maintainer of Gnote is Hubert Figuiere - he is also a maintainer of AbiWord and gphoto2, more information about him, you can visit his page -




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