LXNM current status and the plan in the future

Next generation of LXNM(Lightweight Network Manager) is still under development right now, You guys can see the prototype which was implemented in SVN already. In the future, LXNM will provide some programs includes lxnm daemon, utility which is a command line program to make control of all kind of networking devices be unified into only one utility, a LXPanel plugin and a standalone applet for running without LXPanel.

So the project will has three parts to be maintained:
1. lxnm (LXNM Daemon and command line utility - lxnetctl)
2. lxpanel-netstat (LXPanel plugin)
3. lxnm-applet (standalone applet)

For the current version in SVN, lxnm can be working now, we can using lxnetctl utility to connect to lxnm daemon to control our networking devices and get informations include ethernet and wireless interface.

BTW, I am now working on lxnm-applet to implement a graphical LXNM client to display and control network devices.


  1. Hi,
    I'm curious about how LXNM is going to implemented. Would you do it just like what NetworkManager does? It would be nice to me if LXNM can supports 'profiles' that one can specify when entering a new place just like IBM access connections for thinkpad noteboooks. This is essential for wired connections as you don't have ESSID to distinguish which network to use. Not to mention that NetworkManager always goes crazy when going to a place with bunches of APs with weak signal.

  2. We expect LXNM can support more and more types of networking, and also it can be getting faster and more performance than NetworkManager.

    Due to we must have more implementation just like wired connections, mesh networking and something else, and also to make control of all kind of networking devices be unified into only one utility. So that LXNM is designed to make it can support external program and script to handle network operation instead internal networking handler. If you have other requires, you can rewrite the external program and script easily by yourself. We make LXNM to be flexible to support more and more feature.

    Besides, in the future, LXNM will provide a library to make easy to write a new LXNM client(eg, lxnm-applet) for developer.




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